The Revolver Golden God Awards aren’t exactly marked on my calender each year, I mean I can’t even read through the nominations with letting out an exasperated ‘honestly?’ I figure at this point, if I am looking into it, then I just want a reason to be annoyed and to moan about how they chose X instead of Y and Z, who weren’t even nominated, when Y and Z are so clearly superior. Actually, I’m not even sure it’s that, it could be the fact that they cocktease you with some genuinely accurate nominations and then palm it off to whatever flavour of the week is ripping off Alice Cooper’s face paint this week. However, I digress.

The reason I was excited for the Golden God awards this year was because at the ceremony they were set to unveil a completely unreleased Pantera track by the name of ‘Piss‘, recorded around the time of the legendary 1992 album Vulgar Display Of Power. Regardless of your opinion on the band, they completely changed the face of metal for better or for worse and I’d go as far as to say they perfected that ‘groove metal’ style that every band and their mother was aping a few years back. But how much emphasis can you really put on a track that was considered, at the time, to not be up to the same standard as the rest of that record? Well, apparently a lot. The moment Dimebag enters with that swaggering and wart covered groove, you can tell that ‘Piss‘ is going to be something special and going through it, all I can think is: ‘this is a b-side!?’

The official video for the track isn’t really anything special — more like a tribute to their fans than anything — but I’m just happy to hear some ‘new’ Pantera:


Listen out for the verse riff by the way, ‘Use My Third Arm‘ from the follow up album Far Beyond Driven seems to have borrowed a few things from there.

– DL


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