Wires of Creation

01. Mans Design
02. Sigma
03. The Climb From Fear
04. Eternal Breath
05. Sense Offender
06. The Gate
07. Play The Hand
08. Calming The Storm
09. Conquest
10. Machine
11. A Cry From The Helpless


I had a really hard time trying to figure out how to write this review. I have so much to say about this Australian melo-death quintet, so let me get a few things out of the way. First off, Wires of Creation is amazing. I urge you to listen to it regardless of what kind of metal you are into. I’m sure even the most close minded Metallica fan will find some redeeming qualities here. Secondly, if you are going through anything in your life that involves emotion whether it be anger, depression or just plain ol’ euphoria, I implore you to let this album take hold of you and feel it. This album is more emotive and atmospheric than one would guess and despite this, it even remains heavier then its contemporaries. It is a majestic beast of an album; something you can befriend and something to scare the monsters away much like the tangible heroes of your childhood.  This album is alive and you can feel it. It transcends the organic production and progressive song structure and instead opts to breathe and live on its own merits.

At its core, what we have in Wires of Creation is some stellar melodic death metal.  All of the elements here have been tuned to perfection. The guitars are impeccable and well composed containing many exemplary riffs and outstanding solos. The drums are complimentary and are also well composed with some intricacy, and though it they aren’t my favourite, they are still really good. The vocals are very akin to Randy Blythe of Lamb of God, which is a really good thing because Randy has a great voice for metal of all kinds. Although, Ben Garner is no copy cat and uses a lot of variation in his phrasing. The bass also acts as a fantastic glue for the music. These songs would be nothing without the bass as it constantly rumbles along and intricately wraps itself around the songs. These elements alone would make for a great album but like I said, Elysian transcends convention and relies on emotion and life to make it great.

Elysian rely heavily on lush melodic guitar chords and progressive post-rock and Pink Floydian passages to make ballads out of aggressive melodic death metal.The music isn’t just crushing and bludgeoning all of the time, but it stops and just jams for a bit. It sprinkles electronic elements, acoustic guitars and mellow solos amongst the album like a good chef sprinkles spices on a special dish. It is these spices that make the music so much more enjoyable. It breaks up the monotony of a straight forward death metal album and gives the listener room to breathe. You can feel it in the same way you can feel your own pulse. It is empowering and inspiring purely in aesthetic. Now this album really speaks to me not because all other metal is bad, but rather because you don’t realize how uplifting death metal can be. I’ve never based my enjoyment of metal on emotion and life, but rather more superficial elements like talent and songwriting. It wasn’t until I heard Elysian that I knew this was something you could use as a foundation for music. I always had a thing for passionate vocals, but passionate music? It never even occurred to me.

Wires of Creation makes a lot of albums pale in comparison, but it is so good that I just don’t want to compare it to anything. It has something to do with the reason I don’t go and buy myself a 30 dollar dinner every night. You need to eat, but sometimes a nice greasy burger will suffice over a 24 ounce steak. I enjoy the hell out of this album and I will never hesitate to listen to it but it is dense and emotional stuff. Something you have to listen to and enjoy several times, but won’t always remain relevant. I think my co-writer Juular said it best in his Pallbearer review so I will quote him; “Albums like this are an experience; maybe not something you’ll be visiting on a daily basis, but something that you will come back to every now and again, dust it off and just relive the sheer immenseness that is created through the sounds and imagery.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.


Elysian – Wires of Creation gets…


– CD


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