Photo by Ester Segarra

Everybody’s favourite sultans of smoke, Electric Wizard have remained rather quiet since the release of Black Masses back in 2010. However, without much fanfare, the band released a vinyl only single in the late stages of last month by the name of Legalise Drugs And Murder which contains the first look into new material which should be contained on their upcoming 8th studio album. You can grab yourself a copy from either the UK based Rise Above Records store or the Nuclear Blast store for those of you in mainland Europe in both a standard black or a slightly more exotic purple pressing.


Legalise Drugs And Murder‘ stays in the same vein as their more recent spacey and psychedelic doom and contains an absolutely killer guitar solo, so whilst I don’t think the sound will disappoint anyone, it’s just a little odd to hear the Wizard in such small doses. They’re a band for which I try and go out of my way to listen to in ‘album form’, but to be entirely fair in the grand scheme of things, that’s a tiny complaint. Needless to say, I’ve already ordered a copy and I look forward to spending hours playing it backwards to see if it syncs up with any Kenneth Anger films…

– DL

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