Elysian – Wires of Creation

Elysian Wires of Creation 01. Mans Design 02. Sigma 03. The Climb From Fear 04. Eternal Breath 05. Sense Offender 06. The Gate 07. Play The Hand 08. Calming The Storm 09. Conquest 10. Machine 11. A Cry From The Helpless [03/26/12] [Self-released] I had a really hard time trying…

Electric Wizard Get Involved With Politics With Legalise Drugs And Murder

Everybody’s favourite sultans of smoke, Electric Wizard have remained rather quiet since the release of Black Masses back in 2010. However, without much fanfare, the band released a vinyl only single in the late stages of last month by the name of Legalise Drugs And Murder which contains the first look into new material which should be contained on their upcoming 8th studio album.