I’m not 100% on this because I didn’t actually ask Returning We Hear The Larks mastermind Jak Noble if he named his new song after that transsexual that got famous on certain internet forums a few years ago (google it — or not?), but chances are, you’re here now because you can’t easily ignore a post with the “transsexual” in the title. Even if it is an unfortunate coincidence (lol doubt it), it worked out for everyone in the end.

The new single ‘Line-Trap’ certainly changes up the RWHTL game. Sure, the Tesseract-y djent sound is there, but it seems that Jak absorbed a bit more influence from Vildhjarta and prog in general, with eerie percussive playing and a jazzy bass solo thrown in. It’s a killer song for sure, and I hope there’s more like this around the corner. You can stream the track below and download the track for free at Bandcamp!

It’s been a little over a year since RWHTL released the AMAZING EP Proud England. Coincidentally, I was just jamming it in the car the other day. Haunting atmospheric djent is alright by me, especially when there’s climactic group shouts about winning wars and stuff. Screaming “OUR ENEMIES WILL BE VANQUISHED!” while going over the speed limit is like the peak of badassed rebellion, surely. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s still available here.

– JR


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