If you’re the type of dude who enjoys watching live videos focusing on drummers, then this one goes out to you. Sick Drummer posted a video of The Faceless drummer Lyle Cooper playing that new song that they’ve been playing on the Metal Alliance tour. While Lyle is certainly a capable drummer, I’ve never really been overly impressed with The Faceless’ drumming. I mean, it does what it’s supposed to, and he does it well — after all, if he couldn’t perform the material that Michael Keene likely wrote, he wouldn’t still be around. Those lineup changes, man.

Everyone seems to be pointing out his posture as well, but whatever works! I can’t say much because I’m slouched over a laptop right now, so there’s that. I’m gonna be self-conscious all day and try to sit up straight. I can feel the scoliosis melting away. The Faceless’ new album is projected to be out later this year on Sumerian Records, and it should be awesome.

– JR



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