Without access to the lyrics, that’s all I can assume. But seriously, don’t google it.

Torche‘s upcoming release Harmonicraft is not far off release date and definitely one  I’ve been looking forward to ever since they released the first track ‘Kicking‘ way back in Feburary. Reverse Inverted‘ sees the band take on a distinctly sludgy and off-kilter tone and only serves to strengthen my argument that Torche are essentially the happy and sugary sweet alter ego of the ‘slightly technical but still crushingly heavy’ Savannah sludge scene that seemed be on the forefront of metal not that long ago.

Personally, out of the two tracks released so far, it’s the southern fried Reverse Inverted‘ that has me the most excited. There’s just enough emphasis on the riff to get your head moving and just enough variation on the end of the meter to keep things interesting, which was the number one draw for me when it comes to their previous material. But as far as the big picture goes, Harmonicraft is looking to be one hell of an album and maybe even the band’s best work to date.

– DL


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