In the early years that I stumbled blindly through the barbed and ruthless world of extreme metal, the name Six Feet Under was always uttered with a slight sneer. Pedaling traditional death metal with no frills since lead singer Chris Barnes was ejected from gore titans Cannibal Corpse, SFU became somewhat of a joke to the elitist crowd and a distraction to the rest of us — you only need look at the reception they’ve received from the Metal Archives. In the interest of fairness however, the band hardly helped themselves, releasing three cover albums worth of death metal interpretations of AC/DC and the like.

Regardless, recent years have seen a shake up in the line up, taking on some pretty formidable talent in the form of Rob Arnold (ex-guitarist of Chimaira), Jeff Hughell (ex-bassist of Brain Drill) and, one of Metalsucks’ Top 25 Modern Metal Drummers, Kevin Talley whose talents have previously been seen in bands including Daath, Decrepit Birth and Dying Fetus. ‘Formaldehyde‘ is our first taste of the new line up’s work for their upcoming album Undead, and, what do you know, it’s really quite impressive. Six Feet Under 2.0 manage to pull together a track that brings to mind influences such as Autopsy, Sodom and, as expected, early Cannibal Corpse – in all, something to get excited about come the May 22nd release date.

[via Metalsucks]

– DL

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