Born of Osiris released what some would call their opus, The Discovery, last year. It got a ton of praise, and for good reason; the band ramped up their progressive and melodic side and really transcended that whole “fuckin’ bow down” chugfest label that some naysayers wrote them off as. You know this, obviously; how many people out there reading Heavy Blog have never heard The Discovery? Probably not many.

In that regard, when the band kicked out latest guitarist Jason Richardson, whose first output with the band was the suddenly excellent The Discovery, some people called into question whether or not the band would recover and be able to make new music that was as good as The Discovery. Well, judging by the very brief new pre-production teasers, those people can breathe a sigh of relief/start eating their words. The band have been hard at work writing their new album, projected to be a late 2012 release. You can watch some very brief teasers above and below.

As you can see, the sound present on The Discovery is still intact. Still no word on whether or not Jason Richardson will make Chelsea Grin worth listening to, but signs point to “doubt it.”

– JR


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