When Cannibal Corpse‘s new album Torture was released, we were all astounded by how it annihilated its way into the US top 40 album charts at number 38. It’s pretty unusual to see death metal in the charts, so some recognition is nice! Metal’s on an upswing! However, I didn’t expect Meshuggah‘s latest opus Koloss to out-sale Cannibal Corpse, but apparently it did. Koloss reached number 17 on the top 200 charts, with 18,342 copies sold!

Obviously, this is amazing news for not only Meshuggah, but for all of metal. It’s not only Meshuggah’s highest debut, but it’s also the highest charting album in Nuclear Blast America’s history. Is this a sign of the times? Obviously, less people are actually paying for pop albums, and extreme metal is bigger than it’s ever been. Fans of underground music are more passionate and likely to buy whole albums than the dude that just listens to the radio, so it’s not actually a surprise to me on some fronts, but wow! Number 17! I’m blown away.

I say we start calling local radio stations and demanding them to play Cannibal Corpse and Meshuggah. As you can see from the above image, Meshuggah out-sold The All-American Rejects and they both debuted at the same time. Think about that for a moment; The All-American Rejects are on the radio all the damn time, and a Swedish death metal band beat them on first week/pre-order sales. This makes me far too happy to see. Call in and argue with your local DJ and point him in the direction of Billboard’s Top 200. Let’s start a new paradigm here.

Contribute to the takeover of metal and purchase Koloss somewhere. It’s a brilliant album, and worth all of your money.

– JR

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