Scion AV and Californian deathcore giants All Shall Perish have teamed up to release the Spanish language version of their song ‘The Past Will Haunt Us Both,’ ‘El Pasado Nos Perseguira,’ for free! I swear, I’mma have to get me one of them fancy Scions as a “thank you” for all that they’re doing for the metal scene and community. Has corporate sponsorship ever tasted this good?

You can go over to the Scion AV website and stream/download the track. If I’m not mistaken, it was previously available on the special edition (iTunes, possibly?) of their latest album, last year’s This Is Where It Ends. Some of you may have it, but it’s always cool when bands finally make exclusive content available down the line. This Is Where It Ends is on Nuclear Blast Records.

– JR

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