No doubt one of the greatest albums we’ve had the fortune of hearing this year, Spawn of Possession‘s Incurso really is at the peak of modern death metal and tech death. As much as I hate to give over the top praise to things, Spawn of Possession certainly deserves all the acclaim they’ve been getting. Resident tech death expert Noyan made the claim that it was the greatest tech death album he’s ever heard.

Relapse Records have been kind enough to hook us up with two copies of Incurso to give away, and if you haven’t picked the album up yet in some form, here’s your chance to own a copy. We’ve been doing a lot of random drawings to win that require no work on your part, and while that’s fine, we want to add a little competitive edge this time around. As you can see above, Incurso features some brilliant artwork from the prolific death metal artist Par Olofsson. We wanted to see what you could do to the cover!

We want you to recreate, reimagine, or reinterpret the artwork for Incurso in any medium you wish. Your entry doesn’t have to be good, just creative or amusing. Bonus points if you create something with physical materials. You can enter with MS Paint or photoshop, but why not stretch your creativity? Recreate the scene with popsicle sticks, macaroni, glitter, a photo — anything, as long as you can tell what it’s supposed to be! Here’s an example of how far you could take this thing:

Our writer Cody setting the bar high

Send your submission, your name, and address to mail[at]heavyblogisheavy[dot]com with the subject “Spawn of Possession Giveaway” to win. Two  of the “best” entries will be selected. A week seems fair, right? Good luck!

– JR


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