There’s not much that can be said about Overkill that can’t be encompassed in the phrase:

Why aren’t they part of the big four?!

While pretty much every thrash band, Overkill included, were treading water in the face of grunge in the mid-90’s, you have to get pretty creative to convince a die-hard that any of the big 4 survived it and were able to recapture their former glory. So whilst you could argue there has a been a noted improvement in the output of whatever member of that exclusive club, Overkill have been busy since the turn of the century pumping out modern thrash classics like Necroshine or more recently Ironbound. 2012 brings us The Electric Age and, alongside that, a video for ‘Electric Rattlesnake‘ which, whilst being pretty ordinary in terms of visuals, is an extraordinary track full of breakneck riffs, fret-violation and Bobby Blitz’ distinct rasp. Electric Rattlesnake, if nothing else, proves that Overkill can not only compete with the big boys, but the new blood as well.

– DL


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