Municipal Waste

The Fatal Feast: Waste In Space


01. Waste In Space
02. Repossession
03. New Dark Masters
04. Unholy Abductor
05. Idiot Check
06. Covered In Sick – The Barfer
07. You’re Cut Off
08. Authority Complex
09. Standards And Pratices
10. Crushing Chest Wound
11. The Monster With 21 Faces
12. Jesus Freaks
13. The Fatal Feast
14. 12 Step Programme
15. Death Tax
16. Residential Disaster

[Nuclear Blast Records]

There’s always a danger with burnout for bands like Municipal Waste. It’s fair to say that everyone of their releases up to this point has been… well, ‘balls to the wall’. Waste ‘Em All, Hazardous Mutation and The Art Of Partying were all completely full-on masterpieces of modern day crossover and whilst the previous chapter, in the form of their 2009 release Massive Aggressive, wasn’t quite the follow up needed to keep up the pace — I’m quite amazed that the band hasn’t collapsed into itself, leaving behind only a smoldering pool of d-beats, puke and comic books.

The Fatal Feast carves an interesting niche into the Municipal Waste back catalogue, taking on components of their punk-infused early material and placing it alongside tracks that would fit easily onto the more mature Massive Aggressive. Wrap it all in the veneer of psuedo-concept album tied together with outer space themes and you’re either staring directly into the eyes of a band who have settled comfortably into their sound or one that seems desperate to please fans after a small mis-step.

Upon first listen of The Fatal Feast you’ll find none of that matters. The second those first urgent riffs of ‘Repossession‘ kick in, you realise that the band that made those crossover classics 5 years ago are back in full swing again – conjuring up the neon green ‘end-of-days’ of early Nuclear Assault or Megadeth and filtering it through the filth encrusted lens of D.R.I. ‘New Dead Masters‘ takes the tempo a little slower, focusing on telling the story of a chemically induced zombie apocalypse which seems like a staple of the genre at this point. Needless to say though, the Waste fill the three minutes with punk-y riffs, laser precise drumming and gang vocals, leading me to believe that ‘New Dead Masters‘ will become a new live favourite. Other highlights include the simply ridiculous and frantic ‘Unholy Abductor‘ and ‘You’re Cut Off‘ which, in their various sections, become prime evidence for why Dave Witte is simply one of the most talented and proficient drummers around today and the equally ridiculous ‘Jesus Freaks‘, showing off the bands ability to wrap hilarious, b-movie stories in chunky Toxic Holocaust style riffs.

With a fourty minute running total and the song lengths slowly creeping up in length over the years, it’s expected that the quality may slide a little. Tracks like ‘Crushing Chest Wound‘ and ‘Death Tax‘, whilst still leaps and bounds beyond many of their peers, suffer from the same problem that plagued Massive Aggressive for me on the most part, they just don’t have the same urgency and energy that runs through the rest of the album and tend to get lost amongst the rest of the material. However, as a whole, The Fatal Feast is pretty much everything you could want in a Municipal Waste release — a potent mix of thrashing ‘feel-good’ crossover and genuinely catchy tracks. The Art Of Partying at zero-g’s, if you will.

Municipal Waste’s The Fatal Feast gets…




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