I typically ain’t all that fond of slam unless it comes from the ridiculously catchy Abominable Putridity. However, when I listen to the brand new Disfiguring the Goddess track ‘Daughter of Depths.’ I can’t help but enjoy the everloving shit out of it. While I don’t like most of the tones/production, I love me some hypnotic synth leads over some brutal derf mertlz. So, I guess I need to start paying more attention to the genre, because if this is what it can entail (none of that breakdown bree bree shredded wheat nonsense of that Waking the Cadaver tripe), then I can see myself bumping some slams on the reg.

Hop on over to Metalsucks and listen to the new Disfiguring the Goddess track. Even if you hate slam, you might find something enjoyable about it! ‘Daughter of Depths‘ is set to appear on the forthcoming new album Sleeper. Here’s the tracklist, if you’re the type of dude who likes to see the names of songs you’ll be hearing in a few weeks:

01. Sleeper
02. Queen Kingdom
03. Daughter Of Depths
04. Lady Epicenter
05. Vines of Aftermath
06. Mountain
07. Ocean Tomb

Pre-orders are now available at this location. Sleeper is due out April 24th!

– JR

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