It really wasn’t that long ago that I first implored you to give this UK death/thrash outfit a try so at the risk of sounding like a broken record here’s a few reasons why you should check out this new video for ‘Vision‘ by Bloodshot Dawn and I shall keep this short and sweet for you:

  • Bloodshot Dawn fucking shred.
  • To hear riffs that would make even the most die hard Revocation fan pay attention and solos that rival Decapitated‘s Vogg in terms of sheer face-melting ability.
  • To witness the rare phenomenon of a drummer providing back up vocals and NOT ruining it!
  • To be on the look out for the thought provoking and deep message inscribed on the snare drum head.
  • It’s a warehouse video, so as a metalhead you’re predisposed to feel at home.
  • Also, Bloodshot Dawn fucking shred.

And to put this all in context, keep in mind that this band is currently unsigned! To hear the rest of the album which was released earlier this year with artwork from Par Olofsson (who has most recently worked with Spawn Of Possession and Abominable Putridity), head over to their Bandcamp page.

– DL


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