I’m not a huge fan of Upon A Burning Body, but what I’ve seen of their upcoming album Red. White. Green. seems to be pretty solid so far. There was the powerful, energetic song ‘Sin City’ last month, and now they’ve released a video for another song called ‘Once Upon A Time In Mexico‘. It’s your usual standard warehouse performance, but the song is quite enjoyable. It’s your usual groovy deathcore fare, with some semi-clean singing added to spice things up. To be honest, I’m impressed with how solid the songs are. You can watch the video below:

While most deathcore bands have switched to djent or gone needlessly heavy in order to stay relevant, Upon A Burning Body seem to have upped the ante with songwriting instead. Red. White. Green. will be out on Sumerian Records next week (4/10), so if you like deathcore, this seems like it will be a solid album.



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