Last year, Maryland-based dream rock darlings Vestascension had every intention of releasing a new song for free every month of 2011, but a wrench was thrown into their plan after a crippling lineup change that ultimately stopped the project in its tracks. It was a huge bummer, and suffice it to say, we missed hearing our monthly fix of Vestascension. The group recently made a rebound though, picking up a new vocalist and drummer and made the promise of being back shortly.

Thankfully, the dudes made good on their promise, releasing their new track ‘Until We See The Ocean’ this weekend. Suffice it to say, the boys are back and they’re as great as ever. Expect what you always would out of Vestascension — climactic ultra-melodic dream rock that is heartfelt and passionate. You can stream the track below and download it for free at Bandcamp.


Unfortunately though, the old Vestascension songs were pulled from Bandcamp, so if you didn’t get them while they were available, you’re gonna have to wait. According to guitarist/manager/etc Justin Gosnell (who you may remember from his brilliant column he did for us a handful of times), the songs are to be re-recorded with the new singer and will return. That’s good to know!

Vestascension, it’s good to have you guys back! We hope to hear more from you soon!

– JR

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