One of last year’s best death metal records is getting reprinted on vinyl. Ulcerate‘s latest album The Destroyers of All blew my mind last year with its devastatingly brutal yet densely atmospheric vibe. It wasn’t just any death metal record, and it is without a doubt a unique listening experience. I distinctly remember looking for a vinyl copy and a shirt around the time that I really got into this record since their previous label Willowtip were normally great with limited vinyl release, but it was to no avail. My vinyl collection stood to grow without this masterpiece, or so I thought.

Ulcerate recently announced plans to release The Destroyers of All on vinyl some time later this year through Willowtip.  No release date or pre-orders are available yet, but the band has made available a preview of the new alternative cover (above) and an overview of the layout. I am so beyond excited for this album to come to vinyl. Shut up and take my money!

– JR



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