…Strangely close to April Fools day.

However, while the band hasn’t announced any affiliation with the new Soundcloud page that the track was posted on, I’d say it was a pretty elaborate and even pointless ruse if it turned out that the band had nothing to do with this. Got Djent posted the track last night, noting that the band had already found a new singer and were regularly posting updates about it through their Facebook page, so whilst there aren’t any changes to the instrumentation, the move from two singers to one makes for an interesting comparison.

It definitely gives the track a different feel, missing a lot of the rhythmic refrains that made the track before but I was already predisposed to hate this as I loved the way that the departed duo of Neema and Greg meshed with those huge djent riffs so I’ll definitely give this one some more time before making a final judgement on it. Either way, here’s to hoping that 2012 is the year that we finally get to hear these tracks — honestly, a studio version of ‘Doxa‘ would suit me just fine — in their studio album form whether it’s with this vocalist or not. I’ve included the We Are The Foundation EP version of ‘Admit Defeat‘ after the jump so you can make up your own mind.


– DL


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