Seminal alt-metal group Deftones returned with a resounding triumph in 2010’s Diamond Eyes. Unlike most bands that seemed to come out of that 90’s nu-metal scene, Deftones are still at the peak of their career and show no signs of slowing down. In a new interview with ESP, guitarist Stephen Carpenter mentioned upcoming Deftones plans:

We are working on a new record, and we hope to have it finished and out in Summer of 2012. When the record’s done, we’ll start another touring cycle and get out there and play our stuff for those that are interested.

Meanwhile, Antiquiet picked up on and translated an interview conducted with frontman Chino Moreno during Crosses‘ South American Tour, saying:

When asked about Deftones’ progress on their follow-up to 2010’s Diamond Eyes, he mentioned that the new LP’s writing process was completed last Wednesday (March 28), and that the actual recording will begin on July 9th.

Commenting the sound of the new material, he admittedly used a cliche: “I know everybody says this, but I believe this is the best record we’ve made. I’m very enthusiastic, because it sounds futuristic in comparison to our last one, so it feels like a step forward.”

He added that it holds more resemblance to 2000’s White Pony, when compared to their previous work: “The songs are very different from each other, not heavier or slower, but more dynamic, going towards several directions; it’s heavy, but beautiful.”

So we should be expecting a new Deftones record by the end of 2012, which is exciting news as any! Hopefully Chino’s word is good in that this new album will be their best. If it tops Diamond Eyes, it’s album of the year potential. We’ll see where this goes.

– JR


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