Meshuggah Hangs Out In Dark Rooms; Performs Music; Breaks Those Bones

The Swedish kings of complex death metal Meshuggah have just released their new video for ‘Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion,‘ and it’s pretty neat. It features the band performing in a dark room with little light, so I guess it fits the song’s atmosphere somewhat in that regard. As far as Meshuggah videos go, it’s one of their better ones. Unless of course if you don’t mind tongue-in-cheek videos of the band poorly miming their music on their tour bus, which you shouldn’t, because it was fucking awesome.

I’m kinda bummed about their choice of single. ‘Break Those Bones…’ is one of Koloss‘ “duller” songs (which isn’t saying too much as every song is excellent), and I’d have loved to see ‘Do Not Look Down‘ or ‘Marrow.’ Oh well, I ain’t even mad.

Koloss is out now on Nuclear Blast Records. Get it, because it’s rad as shit.

– JR


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