After seeing their mind bending 11 in the morning slot at Bloodstock, another great live show with The Black Dahlia Murder and the release of Forever Abomination, an album which ended up on my Best Of 2011 list, I was pretty much sold on Skeletonwitch. Their take on blasphemous blackened thrash is nothing short of dizzying and over the past few months I’ve been slowly working my way through the back catalogue album by album, so this b-side from Forever Abomination is a welcome addition to my listening schedule.


Tragedy Of Days‘ is pretty high quality considering it was cut from the final track listing and contains all those hallmark riffs that define their ‘Venom on steroids’ template, I sure wouldn’t have minded it being included in the relatively short running time of Forever Abomination. Alongside this, the band also released a ‘live video’ for ‘The Infernal Resurrection‘ which must’ve slipped under my radar as that track is pure aural hatred and the video contains some standard but still great black and white festival footage to back it all up.

– DL


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