Much in the same vein as the news piece for Rings of Saturn earlier, until now I’ve yet to give enough attention to Akeldama. As fun as it is to follow a band from its roots, it’s hard to remember to keep up with a band when they haven’t released an album yet. I’ve always sort of liked what I’ve heard from them, though. If you don’t mind general djentness, ambient influences, and pretty clean singing, then this band is up your alley. Their new video for ‘Motionless; Emotionless‘ is a pretty standard performance shot, but it was filmed DIY in their practice space with iPhones. Given the equipment, it doesn’t really look that bad. Give it a look above.

If you like what you hear, you can download their demo for free via Mediafire. Be sure to go like them on Facebook as well!

– JR


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