The Safety Fire are pretty awesome. They’re a UK-based progressive metal band, and you’ve probably heard their remarkable debut song ‘Huge Hammers‘. Well, now they’ve released another video, this time for the second track of their upcoming album, Grind The Ocean. The song is titled ‘Floods of Colour’, and the video is about the band going drinking. You can watch it here on Guitar World (guitarist Dez Parka has something going with Guitar World, which is why I presume they’re premiering it). It’s pretty amusing; not to spoil what happens later on (it starts a bit slow) but involves them drinking beverages of various colours, and, well, floods of colour. Then they experience a bad trip. This is one of my favorite songs by them, and I like the soothing atmosphere of the first half of video that goes with the song. Personally, I really liked Grind The Ocean, and my review should be up sometime soonish. In the meantime, go check the video out, and you can watch the ‘Huge Hammers’ video too after the jump!

– NT



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