Ah, the south of England — where the old and the rich, much like the salmon of Capistrano, flock to breed and die. Needless to say, it’s not the most fertile ground for metal but the few bands that seem to get out of here tend to make a pretty impressive racket, you only need to listen to the creaking b-movie fuzz of Electric Wizard or the subterranean crawl of Moss to hear that. And whilst the slow paced life style may lend itself to the sparser tempos, every now and then a group comes along and kicks up a fuss in a particularly high gear.

Take Portsmouth’s Bloodshot Dawn, for example. A blinding whirlwind of death and thrash that recalls the stuttering brutality of Decapitated as much as it does the dizzying guitar acrobatics of Arsis and that’s just the surface of it all, dig a little deeper and you’ll find hints of Revocation, Hate Eternal and even latter day Death to contend with. The band released their debut earlier in the year but it fell into to my hands, complete with it’s ominous Par Oloffson artwork, when it was being given away for free to subscribers of Terrorizer magazine — an interesting way of getting your music out there and definitely something that other bands should look into. As far as debut’s go, Bloodshot Dawn is a cohesive and punctuated effort with some ridiculously accomplished solo’s and lead guitar lines, something that could easily contend with any more well-known and modern death metal release in terms of polish and sheen. For instance, check out ‘Godless‘ — that intro may veer towards deathcore for those of you who love a kneejerk reactions but by the time the blasts kick in, you’re in flavour country.



You can also head over to the Bloodshot Dawn bandcamp page to listen to the self-titled and maybe even pick yourself up a copy for the low price of five English pounds, which is quite a lot of bang for your buck considering that it’s basically 11 tracks of some of the best unsigned metal this side of Mutant. So whilst the south may be no good for much more than fornicatin’ and deterioratin’, Bloodshot Dawn set out to make it a hell of a lot more bearable!

– DL

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