In the most un-kvlt move of their career,  the primordial Carcass clones General Surgery have decided to collect together all of their rare material and splits onto one compilation and release it under the name ‘A Collection Of Depravity‘ through Relapse Records, so whilst it’s not exactly the new album I’ve been waiting for since 2009’s Corpus In Extremis, it’s definitely better than nothing. Plus, for a band whose output consisted solely of those limited run splits and demos for a good 15 years, it means that casuals like me can finally to hear all those forgotten classics. To top it all off, the Deciblog is streaming the entire collection so that you can get your fix of ‘medical dictionary obsessed’ goregrind right now and for anyone who may not be familiar with the blood splattered work of General Surgery (blasphemy!) or even Carcass (double blasphemy!), then I would high recommend it.


– DL


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