Now before we all get hung up on the fact that Chiodos is a scene band and aren’t “heavy” in any sense, I just want to say that without them, I wouldn’t be writing for you today. It would also be ignorant to dismiss the fact that they are a talented group of guys despite being marketed towards a younger audience. Just listen to this song so you know where I am coming from. Emotional, uplifting, and well composed. They are a capable group of guys.


Anyways, in the off chance that a Chiodos fan is reading this site, there is some grave news about the band. Vocalist Brandon Bolmer and Drummer Tanner Wayne have both announce their departure from the band. What’s strange about this is that they we’re introduced after previous vocalist Craig Owens and drummers Mike Catalano and Derrick Frost opted out of the band. I’m afraid of seeing a revolving door effect with vocalists because there are few vocalists who can match the qualities of both former vocalists. Bolmer was a perfect fit in my eyes. Even worse, I don’t want to see Chiodos break-up, though it seems like they are heading in that direction. Luckily both members gave extensive statements and provided lots of insight as to what prompted the split. I’ll cut it down for length but if you are interested in the full statement, you can see them on Brandons tumblr and Tanners website.

Brandon’s statement:

“Over the past 5 months or so, I have received a lot of messages asking me what CHIODOS is up to.  I’ve wanted to speak out for some time now, but it’s taken me a while to find the best way to do so.  Out of respect to the fans, and those interested, I feel it’s necessary to be completely honest and straight forward.  This is all my view, my take on the situation, and nothing here has been made up, or intended to spite anyone.  Just honesty and truth.

The reality is this: I have had little to no contact with the guys, except for Tanner, since our last US tour in July/August 2011…

…the last tour we did was pretty intense.  There were more frequent arguments, and it seemed that we were reaching a point of extreme frustration for the whole team.  There were talks on that tour about Jason leaving to go to school and spend more time with his wife, people said they were done with it, and at my lowest points of the tour, I had even said that I was done doing it…

…With that said, I have decided to leave Chiodos.  I know some may be upset with this decision, but people grow, we evolve, that’s life.  Sincere apologies to anybody that may be let down by this news.  Mentally, I left the band half a year ago….

…today is just the day Im making it public.  I’ve been in 2 bands over a 10 year period…singing and screaming, and it’s just time for me to do something different.”

Brandon also mentions that he is working on some ideas and perhaps a solo record will be in the works. I’ll settle with that!

Tanner’s Statement is a lot more pessimistic and generally restates what Brandon said, but regardless the statement follows.

“Hello all. Mentally, I’ve been out of Chiodos for a while now. Sadly enough, our personal and business relationships went to shit. Just being honest.

The last tour was the roughest of times for us. Within the first week I tore several ligaments in my right ankle and another member broke his foot. On top of that, I heard a member wanted to leave to go to school and start a family. That was it for me.

I tried to contact the band after the tour and they didn’t seem to care. That’s that.”

If Chiodos break up, I’ll let you know!



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