I think it’s pretty much common knowledge in the metal world that Emmure are just not good. From the unrelenting breakdowns to the tough guy lyrics and image, Emmure have been constantly met with distaste. However, I have to admit that their new song ‘Protoman‘ isn’t so bad when compared to some of their past material. Maybe I’ve just gotten used to it, but ‘Protoman‘ is at worst merely boring.

Their new video is merely a performance shot in a circle of arcade games with some fancy After Effects magic and all that. Nothing really all that dazzling, but it’s a slow news day and people get in a fuss over Emmure. I’m also pretty sure this is the same set used in that new A Day To Remember video. So there you have it.

Emmure’s new album Slave to the Game is due out April 10th. I’ll have my review ready by the end of the week, so check back!

– JR


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