You can always count on High On Fire to deliver the goods and it looks like De Vermis Mysteriis is no exception — it’s heavy, rocking, and catchy all in equal measures and is chock full of those gigantic riffs that seem to ooze out of every one of Matt Pike’s shirtless pores. It may even live up to the high expectations left in the wake of their previous effort Snakes For The Divine, which is quite the achievement since I’d already braced myself for disappointment. And if you just don’t believe me, well then check it out for yourself over at NPR, where you can stream the album in it’s entirety.

De Vermis Mysteriis is set to be released April 3rd through eOne Music and contains simply one of the best concepts set to music ever. Pike gave the general outline of the story in an interview with Revolver:

“In the story, Jesus Christ has a twin [named Liao], and his twin died so that Jesus Christ could live,” Pike says. “But his twin instantly becomes a time traveler. Now, you can only go forward through time, but he comes across a scroll that was taken from ancient Stygia—and this is where I go into Robert E. Howard. Stygia was a land of black magic and witchcraft. The Vanirs, a race of warlords came and killed all the Stygians and burned all the scrolls, but some of the scrolls were smuggled out.”

Much of the album is centered around Liao learning about his brother’s destructive influence on mankind, but you can read the rest over at

– DL

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