Silversun Pickups are like the opposite of heavy, but we like to break the mold from time to time and listen to a fair share of non-metal. I enjoy a bit of post-rock and shoegaze (especially when fused with metal), and while those influences are plain as day in Silversun Pickups, they have been compared to both My Bloody Valentine and Smashing Pumpkins, if that’s something you can get behind. I dig em quite a bit, so I’d like to assume some of you would as well.

SSPU’s new album Neck of the Woods is out in May, and the promo ball got to rolling today with the streaming of their new single ‘Bloody Mary (Nerve Endings).‘ You can stream it below.


While I instantly fell in love with most of 2009’s Swoon, this song’s a bit of a grower and may need a few listens to sink in, which is good because the song’s atmosphere leaves a lot to be discovered. I’m definitely looking forward to Neck of the Woods. It’s due out May 8th on Dangerbird Records.

– JR

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