Right around the time I started writing for Heavy Blog, our own Dormition wrote his weekly column about a New York based MathGrind band called The Sawtooth Grin It’s always been on my list of things to check out since the article and I finally got around to it. I’ve been on a bit of a grind stint  lately with my introduction to Graf Orlock and The Sawtooth Grin quickly jumped ranks. 2012 looks like it’s going to be a fantastic year for grind. Dormition was absolutely bang on the week he wrote that column

The Sawtooth Grin have had a shaky career with line-up changes and a temporary disbanding from ’04-’09 but it seems like we things are shaping up towards a new album! Color me excited! Especially since the line up now features mathcore giants The Number Twelve Looks Like You’s ex-drummer Jon Karel! I’m sure they can make an album that will stack up to The Cuddle Monster. Mark my words!  The new album is called Jabberwocky and TSTG has been providing us with a plethora of tidbits and info on their facebook page.  The info follows!


Being quite delinquent in nature, we feel obligated to keep everybody who’s miraculously still interested in us abreast of our doings. You are our heros and you’re why we do what we do. So here’s the scoop-

– New Album

We want everyone to know that our new recordJabberwocky, is finished being written. We know we’ve been taking our sweet-ass time with it. So far, it smells mighty scary. We’ve been into being quite transparent with the writing of it, which everyone seemed to enjoy. We’d like to do the same thing with the recording process. Some sort of live streaming and/or interactivity via ustream could very well be a part of that.”

Sounds cool! I love it when bands are really vocal about the internal happenings of an upcoming release. It’s really involving even if it’s just along the lines of  “we’re writing a new album bro!”. They also provided us with a tracklisting.

Montrose Jackals
Dead Ringers
The Jesus Hive
Suckling Pig
The Jabberwock
Mouth Wet
Cock Suckula
Little Miss Nameless

Their guitarist has also posted some  acoustic videos. Apparently there might be some acoustic stuff on the record, which I am perfectly content with. I dig his style, even through the camera microphone. It alludes to some great ragtime guitarists like Blind Blake!


With a new bassist to top things off, here’s to a productive 2 years! Let’s hope they can pull off another classic!


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