Corrosion of Conformity

Corrosion of Conformity

01. Psychic Vampire
02. River of Stone
03. Leeches
04. el Lamento de las Cabras
05. Your Tomorrow
06. The Doom
07. The Moneychangers
08. Newness
09. What We Become
10. Rat City
11. Time of Trials
12. Canyon Man
13.  The Same Way

[Candlelight Records]

Corrosion of Conformity started in 1981. Since that time, they’ve seen some things, and probably done some things as well. Such happens as time passes. Seven Earth years have came and gone  since we’ve gotten a full length from them.  In the Arms of God was their previous album effort and is well received by many including myself. It was an awesome stoner/southern rock ride.

To give you some history on the band to know where they stand, CoC started out as a punk band. Then they turned to crossover and soon they became sludge and stoner with some southern rock flair. If it wasn’t for the crossover period, their upbringing would be fairly similar to the Melvins although not even slightly similar in sound. With a guitarist that played with Soundgarden and who is an integral part of the vastly inferior Down (and was even offered to play with Metallica) you should see where they’re coming from by now.

All of this plays an important part in the sound of CoC and has for some time now. They have never completely lost their punk and crossover influence as they walk the sludge and stoner line, and if the first track on this album doesn’t make that abundantly clear then there is something majorly wrong with you.

Upon the first couple listens the vocals sat a bit weird with me. I didn’t mind them or anything but they are still a bit weird even though they work so great with the overall feel and songwriting that they went for on this release. As far as general songwriting goes, I’ve always felt that CoC were more focused and mature than a lot of their brethren for better or for worse. Some times I feel they’re forcing an idea or point with their writing that doesn’t translate well but it usually ends up at least mildly entertaining. All of the instruments on this album are pretty spot on. All the tones rule and make an awesome thick sound as a whole that really sets the mood. I don’t know anything about drums but I’ve always thought this band has had consistently good drummers with good drum production that has kept me interested in a section I never pay much specific attention to anway.

Overall I don’t have much to say about this album. I’ve had a long time connection with this band since I grew up with them, but I still can’t find words to describe how this album makes me feel. I suppose it doesn’t make me feel anything and that is why I’m stumbling for words. This album just is, and doesn’t take any interesting risks in any sections to really spark conversation. There is some more psychedelic influence, but that’s a stretch to say and in their area of expertise, not even a surprise anyway. So, here we have another album that just goes by. It’s a must for the fans I suppose, but those not interested in the band already probably won’t be swayed either way.

Corrosion of Conformity – Corrosion of Conformity gets…



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