Putting about 9,600 copies of its bassy brutality into greasy North American hands in just one week, Torture reached number 38 on the Billboard 200. It’s about time songs about slowly and personally murdering someone after following them home and then wearing their insides as a trophy only to rape the mutilated corpse reached the Top 40. Kids these days need to man up.

Generally speaking though, the fact that death metal can reach the top 40 these days says a lot, especially when previous efforts have been banned in several places. Think about this for a second; last week, Cannibal Corpse sold more records than Bruno Mars and Kidz Bop. Who knows what these means for metal as a whole? For those that haven’t heard it yet, here’s a video for the killer track “Encased in Concrete.” Call your local rock stations and demand that they play this single; after all, the album is now a top 40 hit.


Contribute to the takeover of death metal and purchase yourself a copy of Torture, available now on Metal Blade.



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