While we’re on the subject of the burgeoning UK tech metal scene, we’d like to draw your attention to up and coming Hitchin-based band Brave The Moment. This is a band to keep your eyes on in the next few years, for sure. They’re set to release their debut single EP Nothing but the Remnants of Our Divide on March 26th, but we’ve got the advance streaming of the title track below:

The single details the story of the untimely demise of a band, explains drummer, Murray Rawson: “Our last band (Our Divide) was dying a painful death, the track ‘Nothing But The Remnants Of Our Divide’ is about that break up. It’s a statement about how we are in a much better place now and the value of the lessons we learnt through the whole break up process, something which many musicians who have been in bands can probably relate to!”

Here’s the tracklist to the upcoming single release:

1. Nothing But The Remnants Of Our Divide
2. Being Human
3. Your Defeat Is Imminent

Brave the Moment’s debut album is due out this summer. Expect a string of dates and a new video to come to light in the coming months! Be sure to keep up with Brave the Moment on Facebook in the mean time!

– JR

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