Graf Orlock

Los Angeles

01. Couple Seeking Comfort/No Point
02. Dead Man Talking
03. No Attachments
04. Quick On The Trigger

[Vitriol Records]

As far as microgenres go, Graf Orlock‘s ‘cinematic grind’ is an interesting one. I’ve seen some call it a gimmick, but the optimist in me says it’s just as good a way to break up the grind as any band that just pulls samples from Charles Manson interviews. Plus, when the music surrounding the ‘gimmick’ completely outshines it, it’s hard to get wound up. Having concluded their Destination Time… series, recent years have seen the band move into smaller EP releases which combines beautifully with the band’s ‘short sharp shock’ method of grind. Los Angeles is the latest addition; a four-track of crusty hardcore and grind that stretches just past the ten minute mark — based around the 1995 action film Heat, I believe — and while the band haven’t made any major changes to their sound, they’ve definitely taken their time with these tracks and created some very accomplished work.

Couple Seeking Comfort/No Point‘ opens with a sample from Heat before morphing instantly into a fast paced powerviolence style track in the vein of bands like Magrudergrind or even Spazz. Moments later Graf Orlock show that they — thankfully — know exactly when to switch up the tempo as the half-time hardcore riffs which take up the majority of the second half are nothing short of pummeling. ‘Dead Man Talking‘ takes this slower approach to the extreme through the inclusion of  an outro that is just downright rocking in a ‘stoner rock’ sort of way and ‘No Attachments‘ provides the direct jab to the gut that defined their Destination Time… series.

At only ten minutes long, it’s hard to find a great deal to say about Los Angeles or even dig my teeth in properly, but one of the most important things about it is that Graf Orlock use their time wisely. There’s very little filler to be seen, even when dissecting the tracks down to their individual sections. However, I still can’t help but wish that they would use their new found love for slightly longer tracks to put out a full length. Something a little more substantial than the way we’re drip fed at the moment.

Graf Orlock’s Los Angeles gets…


– DL


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