The prospect of new Devin Townsend material is always welcome here at Heavy Blog, but in particular, I’m really excited to hear to Epicloud. Mostly because… Well I’ll let the man himself tell you:

If I was to equate it to anything: A touch of Queen, a bit of the movie ‘Titanic’, some Def Leppard, with crushing guitars and drums through.

Yeah, exactly. The sheer prospect of Devin taking on a sound akin to Queen and Def Leppard suggests a classic in the making and now we finally have a release date of September following a back and forth over Twitter. Whilst we’ve kept you abreast (stop laughing) of all the details including the fact that it takes place under the Devin Townsend Project moniker, the addition of strings and horns and even the tracklisting — you can bet that this won’t be the last you’ll hear of it. Dev seems to have got this build up of excitement towards release dates down to a tee, by slowly releasing information through Twitter directly to the fans and it certainly works for me. Here’s to hoping the next piece of info will be a new track stream!

– DL


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