Before you get all pissed off and cause a fuss, I mean that in the best possible way. I cut my teeth on Korn growing up, and without them I might not have made the transition out of radio rock, so I hold them in high regard. Also, check it:

  • Band playing in a dark room with hanging light bulbs
  • Dreadlocks

Come on! It’s there. I’m gonna load up ‘Falling Away From Me‘ now, just ’cause.

Decapitated‘s new video for ‘Pest‘ is proof that the art of the music video is still alive. Directed by Grupa 13 (who also directed the latest Behemoth video), ‘Pest’ is a sleek performance video with a dark twist. You can check that out below.

If you didn’t know, Decapitated’s latest album Carnival is Forever is fantastic. You can pick that up now on Nuclear Blast.

– JR

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