Alright, this is news of the year for me. As I was walking yesterday, listening to Death‘s “new” live album Vivus!, I was thinking to myself, “Would a Death tour work without Chuck?” For those of you who are somehow unaware, Death was one of the first death metal bands, and later one of the first progressive death metal bands. Chuck Schuldiner, the bands’ founder and frontman, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1999. He was unable to pay for proper treatment, and even when he did, he died because he was too weakened. Most call him the most influential person in death metal, and it’s easy to see why. Many big names in metal were involved with Death at one point, be it Paul Masvidal of Cynic, Steve DiGiorgio of every death metal band ever, Gene Hoglan of every death/thrash band and Strapping Young Lad and Fear Factory among others.

Anyway, back to the big news item. Turns out, on the same day that I thought of a non-Chuck Death tour, someone else had the same thought, because a tour exactly like that was announced. Members of Death will be touring as Death To All. They will be touring in memory of Chuck, and they will raise awareness for Sweet Relief, a foundation that helps musicians who can’t get medical help due to financial problems. Here’s the trailer to get you excited, and after that you can read the details of the tour.


The tour will make stops in only 5 cities: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Orlando. The lineup will include, but not be limited to:

Guitars – Paul Masvidal (“Human“)
Guitars – Shannon Hamm (“The Sound Of Perseverance“)
Guitars – Bobby Koelble (“Symbolic“)
Bass – Steve DiGiorgio (“Human“/”Individual Thought Patterns“)
Bass – Scott Clendenin (“The Sound Of Perseverance“)
Drums – Gene Hoglan (Individual Thought Patterns“/”Symbolic“)
Drums – Sean Reinert (Human)

Personally, I’m very excited for this tour. This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and I’ll be making the trip to New York for this. You should try to make it too.

– NT

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