Thrash has become a much maligned genre over the past decade. Looking over the smoldering ashes of neo-thrash I think it’s fair to say while we got a lot of great bands out of it, there really weren’t many that revolutionized it. It seemed like many people just picked the first band they came across and, rightly so, stuck with it because the differences between Bonded By Blood, Gama BombFueled By Fire and the rest of their peers were slight, to say the least.

However, listening to Spanish thrashers Angelus Apatrida, I always felt that they gave a little more — a distinctly Teutonic take on Testament that felt modern and fresh, rather than ‘authentic’. Whilst I missed out on their 2010 effort Clockwork, 2007’s Give ‘Em War is easily one my favourite modern thrash albums and so I’m definitely looking to get back into the swing of things with the announcement of their brand new album The Call, slated for release on April 24th through Century Media. The build up to release starts with the streaming of the lead off track ‘You Are Next‘ which conjures the Angelus Apatrida sound I remember from way back in 2007, if a little more in line than the America thrash sound than I recall. Regardless, the track contains some ripping riffs and an interesting bridge/solo section that even brings to mind the golden era of Megadeth, so worth the time of any discerning thrash fan.

– DL

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