Any new Melvins material is a good thing, but when it’s free? Well that’s just the start of a great day really. After their collaboration last year with a video for ‘Electric Flower‘, Scion has once again backed the Melvins and released their brand new EP The Bulls & The Bees free to download.

I’d love to hate Scion, I really would — I mean companies with large amounts of money putting their brand name on metal releases!? That’s like the complete antithesis of what metal should be about. But when it’s done like this; with free releases from some pretty revered bands, great shows and minimal advertising surrounding it all — it’s looking like a really great prospect. The Bulls & The Bees is testament to that and whilst there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ Melvins release, this is certainly in line with the winning streak that the band have been on for the last few years. In tandem with the release comes a video for the leading track from the EP, ‘The War On Wisdom‘, and it’s cheesey premise works pretty well for what is essentially a more ‘upbeat’ Melvins track. With this and their upcoming full length Freak Puke,  2012 looks set to be a good year.


– DL


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