It would appear that here in sunny auld England that it is none other than national ‘No Smoking Day’, an event which I, as a non-smoker, have no interest in at all. But after spending an entire day surrounded by non-smokers re-educating me in great detail on the horrors of it and smokers rebelliously lighting up right next to them – well, I think I need a cigarette.

Thankfully though, Iron Maiden have got that covered for me. With a direct dosage of their sincerely epic NWOBHM, the band has released a live version of the ‘Blood Brothers‘ (from their classic 2000 comeback album Brave New World) taken from their upcoming live DVD En Vivo!, set to emerge later this month. En Vivo! was filmed last year in Chile, no doubt to capitalise on the rabid fanbase that the band has in South America, and contains a mixture of the bands latest work and some of their greatest hits, naturally. The world could probably get by without another live Iron Maiden DVD seeing as we get a new one every two to three years, but live is where their music really works and you, as a discerning metalhead, owe it to yourself to try and see them at least once because, even though you’re surrounded by thousands of people, it’s amazing how much of an intimate and brotherly atmosphere they manage to pull off. So grab your lighters and your mid-90’s ripped t-shirts and join in!

[via Metal Insider]

– DL

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