Sometimes music videos don’t have to be clever to be enjoyable. In fact, I’m pretty sure the brainstorm of ideas for the new Cannibal Corpse video went something along the lines of:

Person A: ‘We need ideas on what to shoot for this new Cannibal Corpse track, ‘Encased In Concrete‘!’

Person B: ‘How about we encase a dude in…. Wait for it… Concrete!’

Person A: ‘Genius! It works on so many levels and clearly has bucket loads of visual metaphor. Somebody get me on the phone to an abandoned warehouse!’

That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, it’s a well shot video that includes plenty of close ups of those razor sharp riffs that make their new album Torture and it sure as hell set off even my incredibly mild claustrophobia near the end. However as a bottom line you should most definitely be heading over to Bloody Disgusting to watch it just to hear how heavy ‘Encased In Concrete‘ really is. Rushing through blistering riffs, a speckless rhythm section and a distinctly manic guitar solo, Cannibal Corpse really tapped a vein of brutality on this one and whilst it didn’t catch my attention immediately, ‘Encased In Concrete‘ is a track that has unraveled itself for me on repeat listens and gone on to be one my favourite tracks from Torture. Definitely worth your time.

– DL


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