We were a bit disappointed last year when Vestascension couldn’t meet their goal of releasing a new song each month due to some crippling lineup changes beyond their control, losing a drummer and a vocalist. Now, the band seems to be on an upswing with a new lineup and new music on the horizon! Here’s what the band had to say:

…we released a sneak peak of some of our new music and the response was overall very positive. We want to just say thanks for keeping an open mind and being patient as well as supportive throughout this transition. We know it’s hard to gauge much of anything based off of a short clip from a random part in the middle of one of our songs-especially when we try to make each song really different musically-but we felt like it was time to share SOMETHING :) We’re in the studio doing more vocal pre-pro tonight and have lots of time booked coming up with the amazing Drew Mazurek [Mixer/Engineer] where we’ll be knocking out the vocals/mixes on the rest of our material. See ya soon!

The above clip sounds very promising! Their new vocalist sounds phenomenal, and I can’t wait until we can hear more! Keep up with Vestascension on Facebook for more information as it comes in.

– JR

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