I’m definitely no authority on country. Not. At. All. I do like it though. I can appreciate the musicianship and emotion in some cases. Johnny Cash is always welcome on my playlist and I don’t have many qualms with the Dixie Chicks, considering they play the shit out of their instruments. I’M NOT EVEN ASHAMED! Anyways there is my acceptance of country and then fact that I enjoy a lot of folk music like Bob Dylan and Ray Lamontagne. Despite all of this deviation from ‘heavy’, Protest the Hero‘s Rody Walker and Arif Mirabdolbaghi have started a country themed side project going under the moniker of ‘Refugees‘. I’m a huge fan of Rody so I think it’s really cool to hear him lend his voice to different styles of music. You can actually hear some of their recorded work. It’s good if you can bear country. I doubt many of you will be interested but there are definitely worse side projects out there. At least it isn’t dubstep, amirite?

In case you we’re wondering, here is a statement from Rody giving us a little bit more info about the project.

“These are just some songs I’ve been writing. Certainly the style deviates quite drastically from Protest The Hero but I’m having a lot of fun writing the songs, and I hope it’s a little fun for you to listen to.

Two of the songs currently were recorded by Cameron Mclellen and the other two were recorded separately by Arif and myself. Arif contributes the Bass, banjo, lead guitar and some harmonies, while I play the rhythm guitar, and the harmonica (quite horribly might I add).

I haven’t figured out exactly what my plan is, but I’m open to suggestions…” [via: The PRP]

Rody has posted the 4 tracks on his soundcloud, so go give ’em a listen!



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