I’m a big fan of 8-bit music. I grew up playing games like Pokemon and Mega Man on the Gameboy and the soundtrack to my childhood has been those 3-note melodies of simpler games much unlike the music in games we see today.  So when a friend of mine recommended Sky Sanctuary, I was delighted to hear some of the best 8 bit music that really brings me back to my childhood. Though don’t be fooled; while carrying the same retro feel of 8-bit music and using it as a foundation, we are also treated with some stellar djent. This isn’t your typical axe-fx rhythm crazy djent though. The main focus here is the 8-bit inspired melodies and arcade feel.

Give it a spin!

Another thing I appreciate is how fresh and authentic it feels. It doesn’t sound like midi files run through guitar pro but rather, it sounds like he took the time out to compose and record the music. It’s a really fresh and cool sound. So if you have any appreciation for djent and/or retro game music, then you should definitely check this out and buy Joey’s album. Also give him a like on facebook! Much obliged!



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