So it seems my post about getting White Arms of Athena more recognition for Summer Slaughter alongside Fallujah didn’t do much despite the buzz I noticed around the page thanks to you dudes. It just wasn’t enough, I’d imagine. We gave it the ol’ college try though, so that’s something! But this time, we really need to go all-out on this.

Vildhjarta are in the running to open up Summer Slaughter this year, and they need your votes. As of writing this post, Vildhjarta are behind Fallujah, 19 to 22 % respectively. Assuming Summer Slaughter are actually considering having two of the top winners on board like they said they would, this is great news if Vildhjarta and Fallujah are top dogs. Both bands would be absolutely amazing opening acts. I feel that both of these young and talented bands deserve it, but I’d like to extend my support for Vildhjarta and I strongly urge and plead for everyone to vote for them and get them into first place to the best of our ability as insurance to get them on this bill.

Vildhjarta have never toured the US before and this would be a killer start for them and open them up to a new audience. I hope with everything in me that both Fallujah and Vildhjarta can make it, but my vote’s going to my Swedish brethren.

Go to the Summer Slaughter Tour Facebook page and vote for Vildhjarta. Let’s get these dudes to America!

– JR


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