We broke the news a month or so back that Tesseract were working on a new acoustic-inspired EP featuring re-recording songs from One. It would be the first official release featuring new vocalist Elliot Coleman, and we were all very excited, indeed. This weekend, our appetites grew with the release of a teaser trailer for Perspective, which features samples of the EP’s tracks. You can watch and listen below.


The acoustic sound is perfect for Tesseract; the spacious and haunting melodies are captured quite well with acoustic guitars, and it’s something that the band really should try more often as a standard tool and not just a go-to device for special occasion, along with piano, which they’ve included very subtly before. It could certainly expand their musical palate and breadth of songwriting repertoire. It did wonders for Opeth‘s career — just saying!

The most divisive part is easily Elliot’s vocals, which some feeling the need to incessantly whine about. I was hesitant at first to the lineup change last year, but after hearing the re-working of ‘Eden,‘ I was sold. The samples I’m hearing so far from Perspective have me as excited as ever. Elliot’s going to be a great fit, and I can’t wait to hear what he can bring to new material.

Here’s the tracklist, likely not in the right order.

Dream Brother (Jeff Buckley cover)
Eden 2.0

So get excited, because Perspective is due out May 21st in Europe and May 22nd in the US on Century Media. That’s not all today in Tesseract news, though! The Perspective trailer was cross-posted to each of the members’ own accounts, including Elliot’s, where this comment was made:

Score! I cannot wait. More info when available!

– JR

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