I keep saying it, but it bears repeating: Devin Townsend is the reason you guys need to be on Twitter! He’s dropping news like change over there, which is great, because that direct accessibility means a lot more than press releases (not that there’s anything wrong with press releases). Just yesterday, we posted that Devin had given us a quick update on how the fifth Devin Townsend Project record Epicloud was coming along. Now we’ve been given a tracklist!

Back Where We Belong
Save Our Now
Hold On

It looks like the standard edition will include the 12 tracks listed above. Devin had mentioned previously that 14 had been recorded, so it’s assumed that these other tracks will be possible bonus tracks on certain editions, or something along those lines. As you may have noticed, Devin did follow through and a new re-recorded version of ‘Kingdom‘ will be on Epicloud, much like ‘Hyperdrive’ was re-done for Addicted. Here’s what Devin had to say about it:

Yeah, we re-did Kingdom because it’s a live set staple, and so much better now [than] the Physicist recording, imo.

Exciting news! As always, we’ll be your Devy middle-men if you’re too stubborn to get a twitter account!

– JR

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