And the prog community collectively lets out a sigh of relief.

Rush are at that stage of their career where they can take their time releasing new material but, for me, the wait for Clockwork Angels seems to have dragged since they first announced they were working on it way back in 2009. This is probably due to absolute cocktease that was the Caravan two track EP released last year, which was a left hook straight out of nowhere — showcasing some bands heaviest material to date. No mean feat when you consider that all three members are well into their fifties but if you have any doubts, just listen to that heavy, off-kilter groove that opens ‘BU2B‘.


For a site that loves prog, there’s an unfortunate lack of Rush‘s presence here, but fear not! I shall keep you all updated/whine incessantly in the near future as last night it was announced that they will be releasing their long awaited new album Clockwork Angels on the ridiculously spread out dates of May 23rd and 29th, for Japan and the US respectively. No mention yet of a release date for Europe, but I can only assume it will be just after that, maybe even early June. So, if you haven’t already, here’s your chance to listen to the guys that were making interesting, progressive and technical music when Meshuggah and Periphery were but a twinkle in a pierced condom wrapper. I’ve included a couple more choice tracks after the jump for your viewing entertainment.

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– DL

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